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Looking for the best and fastest way to make money online in 2018? Then look no further. As I have provided you with the list of some of the fastest ways you can make some cool cash right from the comfort of your home. There are high chances of success in these businesses if you take the right steps and also willing to work.

If you want to stop living pay-check to pay-check you can find something that can help you financially, as a college student, stay at home mom or a retiree, these online stream of revenues are great for you.

You can set your hours of work when you work online you can be a part-time worker or work full-time 40 to 50 hours a week. The choice is up to you, the only thing you need to do is to find which one fits your lifestyle.

There are lots of opportunities online. What your goals are and how successful you want your business to be is all that matters. Do you want to create your own business, work part-time for one company, sell products online or share your passion? Well, there is a business opportunity for everyone who is willing to work. Check out these list of the fastest ways to make money online to find one that suits you.

1. Launch an Online Store

Creating an online store can be greatly profitable. Nowadays, online stores are growing in popularity as individuals buy whatever they want from the comfort of their home. Not because they are lazy, but it is actually a fun to shop from your home and have your products delivered to you at your doorstep. As buyers are afraid of being scammed, online shopping is now more popular because of the introduction of pay on the delivery system.

You can build an online store using one of these e-commerce platforms (Shopify and woocommerce). These platforms offer plenty of integrations like payment processing, marketing, search engine and lots more.

2. Video producer

Nowadays, Video producers have become hot cake and are in high demand. All you need is the talent, a camera, editing software, readiness for spotting trends and also determining what is likely to go viral (like those ones you see on your Facebook timeline).

3. Start Video Streaming Website

Watching online videos is now popular. It is a no surprise that YouTube is now the second largest search engine globally second to Big G. One of the fastest way to make money online is video streaming websites. You can make huge some of money from paid download, affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, subscription and direct ads-space sales. You can also create a video channel on YouTube. Starting a video streaming website is very easy. There are lots of ready-made video streaming script and you can buy cheap WordPress Hosting and install them on your site. They are relatively cheap compared to the huge amount you will be making.

4. Create a Search Engine

Web search engine is a software specifically designed to allow user search information on the Internet. The most common search engines are the yahoo, google, Ask.com and Bling. You can also create your own search engine and make a substantial amount of money from sales of advert spaces and advertising. Those who own web search engines make money online simply by advertising in the search results. Owning a search engine is not difficult as there are lots of ready-made web search engine crawler that you can buy now and build a highly efficient search engine website. What matter most is how to promote it and get more users.

5. Start Your Own Blog

Do you have some writing skills and you want to take it to the next level? Then I suggest you consider getting your own blog. This is especially best if you have some specialization in a particular area. For instance, if you an expert in fitness, you can create your own health and fitness blog. The content of the blog should be creative and try in as much as possible to offer guidance. If your readers used your advice to achieve their fitness goals, you are likely to attract a larger audience and you can use the success story of your users to gain more popularity. Once your blog has gained public acceptance you can then offer product placement or sponsor posting of health-related products.

6. Start Affiliate Shop

You can build and run a fully-affiliated shop just like an online store and make a substantial sum of money from sales commission. Although it is rare, the affiliated shop is not much different from an online shop. The difference here is that you are not fully involved in terms of product sales and delivery. By clicking on the “Buy button” the reader is redirected to the merchant site and once the user buys anything from the shop, you get paid a sales commission.

7. Freelance writer/editor

Do you have good Grammar skills? Or maybe you are good at spotting errors in a written text. Well, you can make a huge sum of money online if you can proofread or write well as a freelance writer. There is a massive boom in the publishing market today, as many of those authors need other people to proofread their materials.

8. Website and Domain Flipping Business

A “Domain” is the root address that is used to find a site on the net. Domain flipping involves developing a domain name or a site and selling it to other people to make a profit.

9. Start a Photo Stock Website

A photo stock is referred to as an online database of pictures. If you are a photographer, this online business can help you gain popularity and possibly get an awesome life changing shooting contract. Getty images became a multi-billion company through this medium in the US.

Interestingly, this business is easy and simple to start and you can create your own photo stock website. All you need to have is High-pixel FSLR camera, A good domain name with a super-fast web hosting. Get a photography template then develop your website. Remember, be unique and creative in your shots and the outcome will really amaze you. You can make some cool cash from premium shots, Google AdSense, advertising and shooting contracts.